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BagaPassesSaver [BPS] allows you to preconfigure the File Output and Cryptomatte nodes of the blender compositor.

You can preconfigure Cryptomatte nodes by selecting objects / materials / assets directly in the 3D view.

Features :

  • Add nodes and name your passes.

  • Updates the node based on the selected passes and cryptomatte.

  • Add, reset and remove Cryptomatte.

  • Supports multiple layers.

  • It is also compatible with the (free) Super Image Denoiser addon (no relation with its developer but go take a look it's an excellent addon).

  • Does not support AOV Shader.

The addon is present in the View Layer Property and in the N Panel of the compositor :

Easy to use :

Add the nodes: "Add a saver!" :

Then give a prefix and configure your passes format. Click on "Refresh" to refresh the File Output :

Finally, add as much cryptomatte as needed. You can directly select the objects to assign to a cryptomatte directly in the 3d view :

Find a bug or need help ?

Send a message to

I am also developing another addon (free): BagaPie Modifier. Don't hesitate to take a look : BagaPie

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