Quick Compo

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Quick Compo allow you to quickly improve your render in Blender.

Compositing is an essential step in creation process.
It help you to bring the best of your render.

Quick Compo is the fastest and easyest way to set up a full set of compositing effect in Blender.

More than 30 presets

Step up easily your compositing with our customisable presets !

Select one and see how it looks on your render. They allows you to easily edit the ambiance of your images after rendering.

Quick Compo Presets

Fully Customizable !

You can of course easily customize each presets and save as custom presets.

Create your own preset !

Once you're happy with your settings, you can save it as new presets easily !

Quick Compo filters :

  • Color | Color Manager, Tint, Tint by Luminosity, Vibrance, Temperature, Saturation
  • Luminosity | Lighting Adjustment, Lighting, Clarity
  • Optic | Sharp, Noise, Glare, Anti-Aliasing, Lens Distortion
  • Passes | Background, Glossy direct, Glossy Indirect, AO
  • Geometry | Vignette, Crop
  • Volumetric | Volume

Main effects :

Share your presets !

You can Export / Import your presets to save and share them.

Advanced customization [EXPERIMENTAL]

For advanced user, you can modify the Quick Compo node tree, add your own nodes and save it as new presets.

What you must know

  1. Quick Compo is available for Blender 3.2 and above ONLY.
  2. Future updates are included.
  3. Quick Compo will be of course compatible with the Blender Realtime Compositor.
  4. Tips : Render your image as low dimensions to speedup the compositor computation time, then render it in full size.
  5. Due to Blender limitation, you must keep open the compositor windows, without it, blender won't refresh your render.
  6. Some effect uses passes, please enable "Initialize Quick Compo" before rendering. The addon will do the necessary.
  7. Compatible with Cycles and EEVEE.
  8. If for any reason you remove Quick Compo, don't forget to export your custom presets before. You will be able to re-install them after.
  9. Tips : Depending in your scene color/luminosity, you may have to ajust the exposure in our presets.
  10. Of course it works for animation, you just have to set up it before rendering.

Help - Discord - Issues

Do not hesitate contact us on Discord or BlenderArtists

Tutorial WIP - Temporary demo

Documentation in progress.

Autors : Clovis Flayols, Antoine Bagattini

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Quick Compo

13 ratings
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