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BagaPie Modifier

BagaPie is a free addon that creates modifier presets and Geometry Nodes for Blender 2.93.

Alpha available for Blender 3.0. Not feature complete. Please report any bug on discord.

Main features :

  • Boolean

  • Random Array (Circle, Line and Grid)

  • Auto Array on Curve

  • Scattering

  • Effector for Scatter

  • Deformation (Displace preset with texture)

  • Manage (Group and Instance)

  • Architecture (Wall and Window)

  • Manage BagaPie Modifier (Apply, Remove, Hide)

  • N panel for quick editing

Documentation (English) : here

Documentation (Français) : here

Installation : here

How to use it : here

Shortcut : J

Only for Blender 2.93. Please feel free to report bugs on the BlenderArtists topic or on Discord (link below). This addon is free, you are free to use it for any purpose, modify it and share it.

News :

17/11/21 | WIP :

  • BagaPie is currently in development for Blender 3.0.

23/08/21 | V0.3.9.7 :

     - New features video

     - Documentation : f12studio.fr/bagapie

     - Edit modifier : Now you can reedit modifier at any time.

     - Modifier List : Display BagaPie modifier on the object and allow you to Apply, Remove, Show/Hide viewport and Show/Hide Render.

     - Effector : Influence Scatter particles's scale by distance with object.

     - Scatter, Scatter Paint and Effector are merged in the same node tree. It highly improve the performances.

     - Boolean : New UI and Solidify with Bevel.

     - Group : Create a group with selected objects and turn it to instances.

     - UI : Now the Pie menu is more organised.

04/07/21 | V0.2.1.6 :

     - Demo

     - BagaPie now has an N panel (addon tab). It allows you to modify the parameters of the last tool used. (Reediting and managing the modifier is the next step.)

     - Boolean : now it has a bevel and solidify option as well as a button to exit or re-edit the boolean.

     - Scatter Paint : new button to enter or exit paint mode. also an option to add / remove, reverse, or clean up when painting.

     - Displace : Color ramp and Subdivision enabled by default.

     - Scatter : Use visual scale of instances.

     - Wall : shade smooth and auto smooth enabled by default.

     - Auto Array on Curve : now remove multi-user data.

     - Added Tooltip

24/06/21 | V0.1.1.1 :

     - Fixed issue with Array, Scatter and Paint Scatter when blender is not in English

Links :

Join the topic : https://blenderartists.org/t/bagapie-modifier-free-addon/1310959/22

Or Discord : https://discord.gg/YtagqdPW6G

Insta Art and dev WIP : https://www.instagram.com/antoinebagattini/

Art and WIP : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_P9fMppVqOfDeDMGGBicA

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BagaPie Modifier

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