Rain Generator

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Rain Generator

13 ratings

Rain Generator based on Geometry Nodes | Blender 3.2/3.3/3.4

This generator allows you to generate detailled rain scenes with high performances.
It generate realistic splashes, with visually acurate collision and wind.

This product is a node tree, you must know the basics of Blender to use it properly.

Main Features :

  • Control rain density and speed,
  • Control rainfall height,
  • Control splashes density and scale,
  • Wind,
  • Collision (The splashes are oriented according to the angle of the surface.),
  • Use collection as target,
  • One default water shader,
  • Demo Scene,



What you need to know :

This product is a blend file containing the generators (Geometry Nodes Setup). Depending on the surface, the Rain Generator needs to be adjusted. This file therefore contains the preconfigured generator for several surfaces (2m², 5m², 10m², 20m², 50m², 100m²). It is shiped with a demo file.

By default, the rain generator is assigned to a plane in the provided file. You are free to assign any mesh or surface. This generator is based on the surface of the mesh it is given (either the mesh that has the generator, or via a collection)

This generator is designed to generate a large amount of points with high performance based on the geometry of the submitted mesh. But keep in mind that depending on your system, the assigned area and the amount of points, the generator may or may not be viewable in real time.

If you have any issues, we will really happy to help you via Discord or Blender Artists.

How to use it ?

  • You need to know the basics of Blender to use this generator.
  • You just have to append the generator (append object or just the node tree),
  • Setup a collection or add the generator on your mesh.
  • You can edit the generator in the modifier stack.
  • Rain surface is based on your mesh surface.
  • If you have BagaPie Modifier V8 [Free], we advise you to append the "BagaPie Freindly" version.
    Once the modifier is added to your object/target, it will be displayed in the N panel, see demo below :

Editing :

We highly advise you to import our presets, then edit/ajust them.
Due to the interdependencies between the settings, the number of polygons and the area influence the density and speed of the rain.


  • Animation | The settings are not physically accurate and only provide good looking rain. It does not produce complex collisions.
  • Motion Blur | The motion blur computation time will increase exponentially with the number of particles.
    You will not be able to render motion blur with rain.

Settings and interdependencies

There are interdependencies between settings, they can influence each other. We STRONGLY advise to set up your rain in this order :

  1. Cloud Height | Height at which the rain starts falls. (Influenced by Splash Height)
  2. Rain Quantity | This is the total amount of rain that will fall. If there is not enough rain, it may stop falling during your animation. Increase the amount to make the animation longer.
  3. Density | Amount of rain that falls simultaneously. (Influenced by Speed)
  4. Speed | Speed at which rain falls.
  5. Rain/Splash Ratio | Accelerate the splash and slow down the rain or vice versa. (Influenced by Speed)

Demo File

Rain Shader

Easily add rain on your material with this easy-to_use procedural rain shader generator.


Contact & Support:

Discord or Blender Artists

Author :


I want this!

GN Rain Generator for Blender 3.2+

Blend file with 6 presets for diffrent surfaces : 2/5/10/20/50/100m²
Compatible with BagaPie V8 (NodeToPanel)
Cannon Demo Scene
Rain Shader (splashes impact on water)


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