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BagaPie Assets contain +340 environment assets which is fully integrated into BagaPie's workflow. For Blender 3.0, 3.1 & 3.2 ONLY.

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BagaPie Modifier contains the same tools as BagaPie Assets, if you want to support the development of BagaPie and have assets for your creations, I let you take a look below.

BagaPie Assets Features

  • 343 Assets (67 Plant, 54 Flower, 33 Bushes, 4 Cliff, 71 Rocks, 30 Grass, 30 Trees, 15 Stumps, 4 Grounds, 35 Stylised)
  • Quick importer integrated in BagaPie
  • Asset Browser Integration
  • Simple importer (append & link)
  • Asset's material displayed in BagaPie panel when selecting assets.
  • Draw assets array on surface (allow random position along array).
  • Most of materials allow tweak the season of the assets.
  • Randomise Material : Brightness, Saturation, Saison.
  • BagaPie Demo Files Available (based on EEVEE or Cycles).
  • 3 Nodes presets for animation (plant and grass)
  • Futures updates included.
  • For Blender 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 ONLY.

Quick Scattering:

  1. Choose your tool : Scatter, Draw, Paint, ...
  2. Choose your asset and it's done !

Asset Browers Integration :

Smart Shader :

When a BagaPie asset is selected, the shader is displayed in the panel. No need to go in the Shader Editor.

You can easily adjust the season and randomize the shader for scattering.

Draw Assets :

Just draw on any surface to scatter assets !

BagaPie Assets Library (343 Assets):

Partnership with Scatter 5 in progress !

Made with BagaPie Assets !

Good to know

  • BagaPie Modifier V7 + Assets V3 are available for Blender 3.2.
  • BagaPie Modifier V6 + Assets V2 are available for Blender 3.0 and 3.1.
  • BagaPie Modifier V5 + Assets V1 are available for Blender 3.0.
  • BagaPie Modifier V4 is available for Blender 2.93.
  • Before installing BagaPie, remove the old version and restart Blender !

Documentation | Installation | How tu use it ? | Tutorial | Pie Shortcut : J

Need Help ? Want to share your art ? Bug ?

Join the BlenderArtists Thread or Discord

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We were really happy to see your creations !

Please do not hesittate to report bugs !

License : BagaPie Modifier is free, you are free to use it for any purpose, modify it and share it. Textures and models in BagaPie Assets are under Royalty Free licence. You can use it for personal and commercial use but you can't sell or share it's content (Textures and 3d models).

News and updates :

26/07/22 | V0.7.2.1 :

  • 110 new assets [BP ASSETS]
  • Asset Browser integration
  • Thumbernail Optimisation [BP ASSETS]
  • 120 parametric presets
  • Apply Scatter (2 method)
  • Cable Generator
  • Tiles Generator
  • Fence Generator
  • Custom Shortcut
  • Pie Menu Customisation
  • Bug fix & small improvement

16/03/22 | V0.6.2.2 :

  • 6 Parametric presets for Architecture
  • Pipes Generator
  • Handrail Generator
  • Camera Culling for scattering
  • Add/remove assets in the Scatter Layer
  • Scatter Paint on every layer
  • Security features for scattering
  • Effector on any Scatter layer
  • Improved scatter textures
  • Rename Scatter Nager
  • Save Assets DIRECTLY in your local library
  • New deform modifier

08/12/21 | V0.5.0.5 :

  • Integrate my Ivy Generator
  • All previous modifier have been updated for Blender 3.0
  • Click to add snapped instances on mesh surface
  • Multiples rings for circular array
  • Option : Constant distance for Circular Array
  • Turn mesh to proxy
  • Tutorials (WIP)
  • Displace Instance Modifier (with nodes)
  • Auto array on curve with nodes (No deformation) with random pos/rot/sca
  • New Wall type : Basic Wall Brick (with Nodes)
  • Arrays no longer creates a separate object 
  • Scatter / effector use node group for better customization 
  • Scatter Display only % particles in viewport
  • Scatter and Scatter Paint use visual scale and dimmension
  • Random Position for Scatter Paint
  • Effector : Hide/Show Viewport/Render
  • Fixed Array on curve error with multi data user.NEW BagaPie Assets (Paid Version)
  • 119 Assets ( 23 Plant, 34 Rocks, 25 Grass, 35 Trees, 2 Stumps)
  • Quick importer integrated in BagaPie
  • Simple importer (append & link)
  • Draw assets array on surface (with curve and random position).
  • Smart shader displayed in BagaPie panel when selecting assets.
  • Most of shaders allow changing the season of the assets.
  • Shader Random : Brightness, Saturation, Saison.
  • 4 Belender Demo Files Available

23/08/21 | V0.3.9.7 :

  • New features video
  • Documentation :
  • Edit modifier : Now you can reedit modifier at any time.
  • Modifier List : Display BagaPie modifier on the object and allow you to Apply, Remove, Show/Hide viewport and Show/Hide Render.
  • Effector : Influence Scatter particles's scale by distance with object.
  • Scatter, Scatter Paint and Effector are merged in the same node tree. It highly improve the performances.
  • Boolean : New UI and Solidify with Bevel.
  • Group : Create a group with selected objects and turn it to instances.
  • UI : Now the Pie menu is more organised.

04/07/21 | V0.2.1.6 :

  • Demo
  • BagaPie now has an N panel (addon tab). It allows you to modify the parameters of the last tool used. (Reediting and managing the modifier is the next step.)
  • Boolean : now it has a bevel and solidify option as well as a button to exit or re-edit the boolean.
  • Scatter Paint : new button to enter or exit paint mode. also an option to add / remove, reverse, or clean up when painting.
  • Displace : Color ramp and Subdivision enabled by default.
  • Scatter : Use visual scale of instances.
  • Wall : shade smooth and auto smooth enabled by default.
  • Auto Array on Curve : now remove multi-user data.
  • Added Tooltip

24/06/21 | V0.1.1.1 :

  • Fixed issue with Array, Scatter and Paint Scatter when blender is not in English

BagaPie creator :

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